Stefany's Vintage Grading Guide

Condition Guide


Condition Description Ideal for
Old Stock New with Tags The item is from older stock but has never been used and retains its original tags. Excellent condition. Buyers interested in vintage items that are new and unused.
Excellent "Store fresh" condition, no detectable wear or defects. Perfect condition, looks, feels, and smells brand new. Customers seeking items in immaculate condition.
Very Good Visible wear may be present, but remains in near excellent condition. Signs of aging, such as minor discoloration, wear, or scratches. Buyers interested in older, well-maintained bags.
Good Good condition, with moderate visible imperfections from aging or regular wear. Customers looking for authentic, used items with character.
Fair Noticeable imperfections like scratches, discoloration, or minor tearing. Sold at a discount. Shoppers seeking more affordable options with visible signs of wear.