1. How does Stefany Bags Shoes and More ensure the authenticity of its vintage designer items?

At Stefany Bags Shoes and More, the authenticity of our vintage designer items is paramount. Leveraging over a decade of expertise in authenticating designer goods for both our store and clients, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled skill in distinguishing genuine pieces from imitations. Our process involves an in-depth examination of each item, utilizing a comprehensive knowledge base built over years of hands-on experience. In cases where an item's authenticity raises questions, we consult with colleagues from other reputable vintage stores, ensuring a collective and informed verification process. Our commitment to authenticity has culminated in a stellar record of identifying genuine items and meticulously eliminating counterfeits from our inventory, ensuring our customers can shop with absolute confidence and trust in the heritage and authenticity of every piece we offer.


2. What is the condition of the vintage items sold on Stefany Bags Shoes and More?

At Stefany Bags Shoes and More, our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction is reflected in our detailed grading chart, which accurately describes the condition of our vintage items. This system ensures that every customer can make informed decisions based on the condition of the product they are interested in. Here's a snapshot of our grading system, including a special note for items that are brand new:

  • New: Simply new and unused items, without any signs of wear. These pieces are contemporary finds or recent editions that are in pristine condition, ideal for buyers looking for brand-new, unused vintage luxury.
  • Old Stock New with Tags: These are special finds from older stock that have never been used and retain their original tags. They are in excellent condition, making them a treasure for buyers interested in vintage items that are new and unused.
  • Excellent: Items in "store fresh" condition without any detectable wear or defects. They appear perfect, looking, feeling, and even smelling brand new. This category is perfect for customers who demand items in immaculate condition.
  • Very Good: These pieces may show signs of gentle aging or wear but are still in near excellent condition. Minor discoloration, wear, or scratches might be present, appealing to buyers interested in older, well-maintained items.
  • Good: Good condition items have moderate visible imperfections from aging or regular use, offering authentic, used items with character. This grade is suited for customers looking for genuine vintage with a story.
  • Fair: Noticeable imperfections such as scratches, discoloration, or minor tearing are present, and these items are offered at a discount. Ideal for shoppers seeking more affordable vintage options with visible signs of wear.

For a comprehensive understanding of our grading system and to choose the perfect piece for you, please visit Stefany's Vintage Grading Guide.


3. Can I see more photos or get more details about a specific item before purchasing?

Absolutely! At Stefany Bags Shoes and More, we understand that purchasing a vintage item online requires as much information as possible to ensure you're completely in love with your choice. To accommodate this, we are more than happy to provide additional photos or details about any specific item you're interested in. If you need more specific item image views or require further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.

You can easily contact us via email or take advantage of our WhatsApp chat feature for a quick response. For access to our contact information, please visit the "Contact Us" section on our website. This ensures a personalized shopping experience, allowing you to feel confident and informed about every purchase you make with us.


4. What is your return policy for vintage designer items?

At Stefany Bags Shoes and More, we aim to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase. We understand that sometimes, a return may be necessary. Our return policy is designed to be as transparent and customer-friendly as possible, providing you with the confidence to shop our collection of vintage designer items.

For the most up-to-date details on our return policy, including conditions for returns, time frames, and the process for initiating a return, we encourage you to visit our Refund Policy page directly at Stefany Bags Return Policy.

This link will guide you through everything you need to know about returning an item, including how to get started with your return, what items are eligible for return, and any specific requirements or exceptions that might apply. Our goal is to make your shopping experience smooth and enjoyable, ensuring that you can make purchases with peace of mind.

5. How should I care for and maintain the vintage items I purchase from Stefany Bags Shoes and More?

Caring for vintage items requires special attention to ensure their longevity and preserve their unique charm. At Stefany Bags Shoes and More, we recommend several practices to keep your vintage treasures in pristine condition:

  • Store in a Well Air-Conditioned Environment: Keeping your vintage items in a controlled environment helps prevent damage from humidity and temperature fluctuations. This is particularly important for leather goods, which are susceptible to drying out or molding in improper conditions.
  • Use Conditioning Sprays for Leather Bags: To maintain the suppleness and prevent cracks in leather bags, apply a conditioning spray at least once a year. This helps keep the leather hydrated and can significantly extend the life of your vintage piece.
  • Utilize Special Cleaning Creams: When your vintage items need a refresh, opt for special cleaning creams designed for their specific materials. These creams can help remove dirt and stains without damaging the delicate fabrics or leather.
  • Do Not Overload Bags: Overloading can strain the straps and structure of vintage bags, leading to deformation or damage. It's important to be mindful of the weight you're adding to ensure the bag retains its shape and integrity.
  • Store in Protective Dust Bags: When not in use, store your vintage items in protective dust bags. This shields them from dust, sunlight, and scratches, keeping them in better condition for longer.
  • Regular Use: Don't forget to use your vintage items! Regular use can actually be beneficial, as it prevents the materials from becoming stiff and keeps the items ventilated.

Following these tips will help ensure that your vintage finds remain beautiful and functional for years to come.


6. Do you offer international shipping, and what are the costs?

At Stefany Bags Shoes and More, we offer international shipping with the help of listed reship services, ensuring that our unique collection can reach customers worldwide.

Direct International Shipping: We currently do not offer direct international shipping. However, we provide a seamless shopping experience through listed reship services, which allow us to cater to our global audience efficiently.

Reship Services: For customers outside United States, reship services are a fantastic solution. These services provide you with a US address to which we can send your order. The reship service will then forward your items to your actual address. This option ensures that everyone, regardless of location, can access our curated collection.

Two popular options among our international customers are:

  • Reship.com: Reship offers a straightforward solution for international shoppers, providing you with a US address where your purchases can be delivered. From there, Reship will forward your items to your actual address outside the USA.
  • Buyandship.today: Buyandship provides a similar proxy shopping service, with easy-to-use features designed to make international shopping hassle-free.

Please note that when using these services, additional fees will apply on top of shipping costs from Stefany Bags Shoes and More to the proxy service's US address, as well as the reshipping company's fees for forwarding the items to your international location. We recommend contacting these services directly to get detailed information about their shipping options, costs, and estimated delivery times to your specific country. This way, you can enjoy the unique and beautiful items from Stefany Bags Shoes and More, no matter where you are in the world.

We're committed to making our products accessible to everyone and are here to help you navigate the international shipping process. For assistance or more information, please reach out to us. Enjoy the distinctive offerings of Stefany Bags Shoes and More, wherever you are in the world.

7. How can I verify the size and fit of vintage clothing and shoes?

At Stefany Bags Shoes and More, we understand the importance of finding the perfect fit, especially when it comes to vintage treasures. While our specialty lies in vintage bags—which universally fit and flatter as long as they resonate with your style—we also cater to those interested in vintage clothing and shoes. For these items, we utilize international sizing systems to help you find the best match.

To ensure a perfect fit:

  • Check Our Sizing Information: For clothing and shoes, we provide sizes based on international sizing standards. This information is detailed in each product's description on our website.
  • Request Additional Measurements: If you need more detailed measurements beyond what is listed, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We're happy to provide additional dimensions to help you make an informed decision. This can include measurements like length, width, bust, waist, hip sizes for clothing, or insole length and width for shoes.
  • Compare With Your Own Measurements: Once you have these measurements, compare them with your own to ensure a good fit. Consider how you prefer your clothing or shoes to fit—whether you like them snug, just right, or a bit loose—and choose accordingly.

For vintage bags, which are our main focus, you're in luck! These beautiful pieces are designed to fit everyone. The key is finding a style that you love and that complements your personal aesthetics. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a timeless classic, our vintage bags are sure to add a unique touch to any outfit, with the added charm of knowing they fit just right, every time.


8. Are there any customs duties or taxes for international orders?

At Stefany Bags Shoes and More, we currently do not offer direct international shipping. Instead, we utilize reship services to facilitate the delivery of our unique collection to international customers. This means that customs duties, taxes, and other fees are calculated and managed by the reship services, not by our store.

Customs Duties and Taxes: When using reship services for your international orders, be aware that your order may be subject to customs duties, taxes, and other fees as determined by your country’s regulations. These charges are not calculated or collected by Stefany Bags Shoes and More but are managed by the reship service you choose.

We recommend contacting these services directly to get detailed information about their shipping options, costs, and any potential additional charges based on your destination country. This way, you can enjoy the unique and beautiful items from Stefany Bags Shoes and More without any unexpected fees.

For assistance or more information, please reach out to us. We're committed to making our products accessible to everyone and are here to help you navigate the international shipping process.  

9. Can I reserve an item and pay later?

At Stefany Bags Shoes and More, we understand that sometimes you might find the perfect vintage piece at a time when you're not ready to complete your purchase immediately. To accommodate this, we offer a flexible reservation policy that allows you to secure your desired item without immediate payment.

Reservation Policy: We are happy to hold a selected item for you for up to 5 days. This option is ideal if you are away on vacation or need a little extra time to make your decision.

Layaway Option: If you're ready to commit to a purchase but prefer to delay shipping, you can pay for the item now and inform us of your desired shipping date later. This flexibility ensures that your item is reserved and paid for, without the worry of coordinating immediate receipt.

To arrange a reservation or layaway, please contact us directly through our website. We will provide you with all the necessary details regarding the deposit required (if applicable) and the process for finalizing your payment. Our goal is to make your shopping experience as accommodating and enjoyable as possible, ensuring you can secure the vintage treasures you love on your terms.


10. Do you buy vintage designer items from individuals? If so, how does the process work?

Yes, at Stefany Bags Shoes and More, we're not just about selling vintage designer items; we also offer options for individuals looking to sell or consign their cherished pieces. Whether you've grown tired of a bag or have a collection of items you're ready to part with, we're here to work with you. Our process is designed to be transparent, fair, and accommodating, ensuring that parting with your vintage treasures is as rewarding as acquiring them.

Buying Back Items: If you've previously purchased an item from us or have vintage designer bags you're looking to sell, we're interested in considering them for purchase. We appreciate the cycle of fashion and the chance to give items a new life with someone else.

Consignment Options: For our trusted clients, we offer consignment services. This option allows you to potentially earn more from your items by waiting for the right buyer at the right price.

Evaluation Process: To start the process, please inquire directly with us. We often conduct evaluations through video calls, allowing us to visually inspect the items and provide you with an estimate. This method ensures accuracy in evaluation and convenience for you.

Discussion of Options: We're open to discussing all available options, whether you're looking to sell outright or consign your items. Our goal is to find the best solution that benefits both parties.

If you have a closet full of vintage designer items you're considering unloading, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to discuss how we can assist you in this process, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience. For more details on how to begin, please visit our website and contact us through the provided channels. We look forward to helping you refresh your collection while finding new homes for your beloved pieces.