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Leather Care Essentials

Leather Bags Revive & Shine Maintenance Stain Remover Cream

Leather Bags Revive & Shine Maintenance Stain Remover Cream

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Measurements: 160g / 5.6oz

Item Condition Rating: New


Introducing Stefany Bags Shoes and More's Leather Cleaning Cream, a 160g (about 5.64 ounces) jar designed to clean and care for your leather bags. This cream isn't just for removing stains; it's a full treatment to keep your leather looking good and lasting longer.

Made with high-quality ingredients, our Leather Cleaning Cream fights stains while moisturizing and conditioning the leather. It goes deep to clean out dirt and keep your bags soft. The jar includes a sponge for easy and accurate use, making it simple to keep your bags in great shape.

Before you use it all over, try a patch test. Put a little cream on a spot you can't easily see, like the bottom of the bag, and wait 4-6 hours. If there's no damage, you can safely use it on the whole bag.

Our cream works well on both old and new leather bags, helping to bring back their shine and keep them looking their best. With Stefany's Leather Cleaning Cream, you can take care of your leather bags, ensuring they stay beautiful for a long time.
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