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Leather Care Essentials

Leather Bags Cleaning Brightening Conditioner Spray Honey-Infused Care

Leather Bags Cleaning Brightening Conditioner Spray Honey-Infused Care

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Measurements: 100ml/3.38oz

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Stefany Bags Shoes and More introduces the Leather Brightening Spray with Honey, a simple yet effective 3.38oz solution for leather bag care. Made with natural honey, this spray cleans your bags deeply but gently, avoiding harsh chemicals to keep your leather safe. It’s great for both old favorites and new additions, ensuring they stay in top shape.

Before using it all over, we recommend a patch test. Just apply a bit of spray to a small, hidden area of your bag and wait 4-6 hours. If there’s no harm done, you’re good to go for the entire bag.

This product does more than just clean; it also conditions your leather, giving it a beautiful shine and improving its look and feel. It’s crafted to remove tough stains with a strong but gentle touch, ensuring your vintage and modern leather bags look their best. Ideal for anyone dedicated to maintaining their leather bags, this spray combines effective cleaning with care to enhance the beauty of your collection.
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