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Valentino Garavani: Italian Luxury Handbags

Discover the luxury and quality of Valentino's vintage bag collections, a favorite among fashion enthusiasts and collectors.

Valentino "Rockstud" Bag

The famous Rockstud bag features pyramid-shaped studs and a variety of styles, including totes and crossbody bags.

Valentino "Garavani" Bag

The Garavani bag, known for its elegance and classic design, comes in various sizes and materials like leather and suede.

Valentino "Vring" Bag

The Vring bag, with its distinctive "V" hardware, offers a sleek and modern style suitable for different occasions.

Valentino "Candystud" Bag

Recognized for its quilted design and stud details, the Candystud bag is available in shapes like totes and shoulder bags.

Valentino "Roman Stud" Bag

The Roman Stud bag features rounded stud accents, clean lines, and a sophisticated look in various styles.

Valentino "Lock" Bag

The Lock bag is known for its distinctive lock closure, available in various sizes and materials, blending classic and contemporary elements.